11/8/14 – Kate Bush Photo Exhibition By Gered Mankowitz & Guido Harari – Snap Galleries – London, England – 26th August – 2nd October – 2014

Kate Bush Gered Mankowitz picTo coincide with the upcoming 22 Kate Bush live shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in August and September, Snap Galleries have an exhibition of unseen photography by Gered Mankowitz and Guido Harari. Mankowitz was responsible for early images of her including album cover shoots and promo shots – Guido Harari worked with her later around Hounds Of Love and The Sensuous World. Lots of images will seem familiar coming from shoots where photos were used, giving us a sense of familiarity over something we have never seen.

The links below are to an article in The Independent newspaper about the exhibition plus links to the (terrible) Snap Galleries site with details about the exhibition including information about forthcoming books from both Mankowitz and Harari. See you there!

Kate Bush Harari pic