12/8/14 – Duck Fight Goose – Glass Walls – 2011

Duck Fight Goose releases its debut album Sports at D-22.Just when you thought you’d heard every possible incarnation of popular music – the Chinese arrive! This fascinating hybrid of Electronic, Math Rock, Kraut, Psych, Indie Groove has evolved independently, away from the mainland of pop culture, like the animals in Australia – familiar traits, arms and legs, but different.

This intriguing collective are from Shanghai and feature – Han Han guitar / synthesizer / vocal, San San bass / vocal, Panda guitar / synthesizer, original drummer Damen has since been replaced by Jean Baptiste…but according to their Facebook page San San has gone and Damen is still there. Confused? Me too.

Their first EP Flow was released in 2009, Glass Walls comes from the band’s first album Sports released in 2011. Thanks to Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Ricky Maymi for turning me on to this band.