15/8/14 – Earth And Fire – Seasons – 1970

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earth_and_fire_1970Progressive sounds from Holland 1970 (despite the 1969 tag on the video). Seasons was the first single for this band from The Hague formed in 1968 by The Koerts twins, Chris (guitar) and Gerard (keys and flute) and fronted through their successful years by singer Jerney Haagman – Hans Ziech was on bass and Cees Kalis on drums. Kalis left in 1970 to be replaced by Ton van der Kleij. They didn’t make much of an impression on the English speaking countries but have left behind at least three Progressive gems – Earth And Fire 1970, Song Of The Marching Children 1971 and Atlantis 1973.

Seasons was written by Golden Earrng guitarist George Kooymans and reached No.2 in the Dutch charts in 1970. By the end of the decade with line up changes on the bass and drums, the band eventually completely changed their sound leaving their Progressive beginnings behind for good and scoring a No. 1 hit in mainland Europe with the absolutely awful song Weekend. They finally broke up in 1983 reforming briefly in 1990 but only lasting for 3 more years.




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