22/8/14 – Traffic – Hole in My Shoe – 1967

Traffic 1967Although overplayed and parodied by Neil from The Young Ones, this single seriously blew my 9 year old mind in 1967. I hadn’t seen the video till decades later and you probably hadn’t either, so let yourself relive this psychedelic trip and you can transport yourself back to the era, meld with the mellotron, have a love-in with the lyrics or tune in to the talking child (Island boss Chris Blackwell’s step daughter Francis Heimann). It is the archetypal Acid Pop written and sung by guitarist Dave Mason, allegedly not liked by the rest of the band as it didn’t represent them properly, it was the second of three Top Ten hit singles in 1967 (N0.2 in the UK) and their biggest hit. (Paper Sun their first single hit No.5 and  Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush No.8).

Traffic went on to record some landmark albums on the other side of the sixties but I guess that’s for another day. In the meantime dig out your striped pants and frilly shirt and anything multicoloured to wrap yourself in, forget about how many times you’ve heard it and listen to it in the spirit of the times. My original soft pink Island label copy of Hole In My Shoe is snuggly filed away in the archive along with Paper Sun to keep it company, although Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush has yet to join them.




This is the link to the video: