30/8/14 – The Hollies – King Midas In Reverse – 1967

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The Hollies 1967King Midas In Reverse is allegedly the song that led to Graham Nash leaving The Hollies as he wished to create more interesting music (and lyrics, see below) and ultimately The Hollies were a harmony Pop group. Their Pop image was getting old as more thoughtful music was inspiring the youth in these heady years, so their albums veered towards psychedelia as 1967 arrived and they attempted to keep up with the changing times with mixed results. Like The Stones with Satanic Majesties – you got the feeling that it wasn’t really their thing

The band released two albums in 1967 and from Lullaby To Tim on Evolution to Dear Eloise on Butterfly the band experimented with weird vocal effects. (Evolution had one of the first psychedelic photos of a band in its treatment by Dutch art collective The Fool, they also supplied The Hollies with their new hip gear). King Midas In reverse reached No.18 in the charts but by The Hollies standards it was a failiure (their next single was the twee, Jennifer Eccles reaching No.7 in 1968).

Although King Midas In Reverse didn’t appear on the Butterfly album released shortly afterwards it was included in the US version of the album complete with different cover, different title and changed track listing – odd as the the title was Dear Eloise /King Midas In Reverse and King Midas In Reverse had only reached No.51 in the US charts. Nash left the band in 1968 as the band decided they wanted to do a Dylan covers album as their next project, something he didn’t want to do. He then joined Crosby, Stills & Nash and  found himself in one of the biggest groups of the era.

The Hollies were produced by Ron Richards for most of their successful years between 1963 – 1979. It was Richards who discovered and signed the band to Parlophone – they had 17 top ten singles in that period. Richards also produced Love Me Do for The Beatles and You’ll Never Walk Alone for Gerry And The Pacemakers as well as working with PJ Proby. Richards also worked  as assistant to George Martin and they left EMI together in 1965 to open Air Studios. Richards died in 2009.

I saw a cabaret style Hollies play at The State Theatre in Australia in recent years and they played everything you would want to hear from Look Through Any Window to The Air That I Breathe as well as King Midas In Reverse – one of my favourite songs from 1967.

Long time lead singer Allan Clarke retired in 2000 to be replaced by Carl Wayne from The Move who was in turn replaced by Peter Howarth after Carl Wayne’s death in 2004. Swedish singer Mikael Rickfors was the lead singer from 1971 – 1973 before Allan Clarke rejoined. Bernie Calvert was long time bass player in the band replacing Eric Haydock who in turn replaced Calvert. The line up now only has guitarist Tony Hicks and drummer Bobby Elliot from the band that played together in 1963. Original drummer Don Rathbone left in 1963 and Bobby Elliot was his replacement, Tony Hicks replaced original guitarist Vic Steele also in 1963. For members eighties onwards check the links below – no members remain from the original band.







If you could only see me
I know exactly where I am
You wouldn’t want to be me
Oh, I can assure you of that

I’m not the guy to run with
’cause I’ll throw you off the line
I’ll break you and destroy you
Given time

He’s King Midas with a curse
He’s King Midas in reverse
He’s King Midas with a curse
He’s King Midas in reverse

It’s plain to see it’s hopeless
Going on the way we are
So even though I’d lose you
You’d be better off by far

He’s not the man to hold your trust
Everything he touches turns to dust
In his hands

Nothing he can do is right
He’d even like to sleep at night
But he can’t

All he touches turns to dust
All he touches turns to dust
All he touches turns to dust
All he touches turns to dust

I wish someone would find me
And help me gain control
Before I lose my reason
And my soul

He’s King Midas with a curse
He’s King Midas in reverse
He’s King Midas with a curse
He’s King Midas in reverse

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