8/10/14 – FKA Twigs – Two Weeks – 2014

FKA Twigs - Pic 3A fabulously weird video from director Nabil, camera slowly backing away from Twigs as Queen goddess. It may be inspired by films like the wonderful old Jason and The Argonauts movie (1963) that made use of trick photography and primitive special effects, care of the genius of Ray Harryhausen. The Skeletons coming up from the earth and advancing forwards comes to mind.




Here the Queen goddess is surrounded by her dancing maidens as her servants patiently wait to be summoned. Twigs movement reminds me of Aaliyah from Queen Of The Damned, a seductive murderess that you can’t resist as she takes your life.

At 2.45 the weirdness gets freaky as she pours liquid from the end of her finger into the mouth of one of the dancers. And then there’s the song, moody, spooky, electronic pulses and infectious rhythm with melodic hooks that stick into your flesh and hold you there tlll she comes to devour you.