9/10/14 – FKA Twigs – Water Me – EP2 – 2013

FKA Twigs EP 2 Artwork 2013Twigs released EP2 in 2013, the EP has four tracks not on LP1 including this one with another wonderfully weird video.

The EP opens with How’s That, a dark keyboard, rhythm and sweet melody are suddenly taken over by a crazed percussive attack that comes out of nowhere, like an escaped puppet from a Czech animation ran over the tape. It’s another example of Twigs unique approach to rhythm in her production ideas. Other indefinable atmospheric sounds inhabit the background.

Papi Pacify might bring Mark Hollis out of retirement after all these years, realising there is a point to it all. The drums sound like they may be loops made from dinosaurs grinding their teeth, lost somewhere in the swamp of the background effects. All the sounds have you wondering what they are and throughout you wonder how can all these disparate pieces actually work together? It’s such a fascinating sonic canvass that’s been created and somehow there’s a thread, and that thread is Twigs vision.

Water Me sounds like you may be trapped inside a video game with incessant hammerings against angelic samples -a  robotic woodpecker in a living vibrant painting, Kate Bush might have gone here if she’d been born later.

Ultraviolet ends the EP with the closest Twigs gets to electronic R&B but even then dark rhythms and voices appear to break it all up. FKA Twigs is one of the most intriguing new artists and somehow she is both extraordinarily obscure whilst being completely commercially accessible – impossible but true.