28/11/14 – Record Store Day (Black Friday) – 2014/ Strand Of Oaks Live On KEXP – 2014

RECORD-STORE-DAY-BLACK-FRIDAY-large570It’s Record Store Day, Black Friday and on the first shopping day of the silly season you can find some very interesting Limited Edition releases in the stores. Go and buy something, help keep record shops open.

Jimi Hendrix studio outtakes, Nick Cave 10 inch, First Aid Kit 10 inch, St. Vincent 10 inch, Grateful Dead, Flaming Lips etc etc…but instead of me listing all theses potential gems, click here to see what’s available and I’ll catch up on some sleep!



If you happen to be in Philadelphia, you can experience the origin of the term ‘Black Friday’ with Strand Of Oaks.





If you don’t know about Strand Of Oaks, here they are: