10/12/14 – Edgar Broughton Band – Evil/Death Of An Electric Citizen – 1969

Edgar Broughton Band 1969If you haven’t ever come across Edgar Broughton then prepare yourself for some anarchic shenanigans from these weekend warriors from Warwickshire. Their first single, Evil was also the first record released by Harvest records in 1969. Although it may have been Evil that scared the public half to death, it was the Beefheart/Howlin’ Wolf vocals and Zappaesque guitars on the six minute B-side  Death Of An Electric Citizen that made investigation of this band compulsory. It was also the opening song on their debut album, Wasa Wasa.

I saw them live in the seventies at Liverpool Stadium and remember a political, theatrical performance involving an umbrella – that’s all I can recall but I have all the albums in the archive to remind myself of their madness. Check out the wikipedia link for a history of the band – then surrender.




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