26/12/14 – Van Der Graaf Generator – Necromancer – 1969

Song Of The Day

Van Der Graaf Generator 1969After a Christmas Day of snow, -10 and a re-watch of the first Hobbit film, it seemed lyrically appropriate to unleash Van Der Graaf Generator.

Necromancer appeared on the first Van Der Graaf Generator album, The Aerosol Grey Machine in 1969. The album originally intended as a Peter Hammill solo album was released by Mercury records and as part of a deal with the band’s next label Charisma, allowed Hammill out of his Mercury contract. This amazing band famously influenced John Lydon giving one of the best Punk bands roots in one of the best Prog bands, makes you swoon at the irony and dismiss the cliché of Punk killed Prog altogether.




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