3/12/14 – Pink Floyd Meddle Tour – In Concert – BBC Live Radio Broadcast From The Paris Theatre – Presented By John Peel – September 30th,1971

Pink Floyd Colour Pic 1971Pink Floyd live in 1971 prior to the release of their forthcoming album Meddle with tracks presented (in his inimitable way) by John Peel. This was The Pink Floyd we loved, investigating sounds, jamming, mixing songs with extended instrumental pieces, creating atmospheres and in this set playing a song that didn’t appear on any of their studio albums, Embryo. (Click the link for information on the song). They were soft, edgy, inventive and tuned into the times lyrically.

This excellent quality recording is a real treasure for Pink Floyd fans and when a voice comes in at the end of Embryo, this is “WNEW FM 102.7 on your dial” you realise that you can never completely trust the info a bootleg recording gives you. This concert from London could have been broadcast in the US, it could have been a Floyd instigated overdub, who knows? If you know or have any information about this concert, please be sure to let us know.

The last track is listed simply as Blues and there is no information at all about it? It could be the middle of another song, it could be the soundcheck, it could be a different concert? Whatever it is there is energy and excitement, mood and adventure even though it is just a simple series of blues chords with guitar and organ taking it in turn to play the solos. (Cheers at the end are obvious overdubs)

Sit down, cup of tea, lights down, close your eyes, listen.

Fat Old Sun 00:00
One Of These Days 15:27
Echoes 22:58
Embryo 49:30
Blues 59:36




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