9/12/14 – Princess Chelsea – And I Love Her – 2010

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Princess ChelseaWelcome to the world of Princess Chelsea aka Chelsea Nikkel. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s musical (classically trained) and she seems to like Paul McCartney a lot. This absorbing video is her take on The Beatles’/McCartney’s And I Love Her. You can read all about her, her collaborations, her nutty videos (there’s a lot) in the link below.

If this track doesn’t do it for you try Yulia or Monkey Eats Bananas – winner . The Cigarette Duet (with Jonathan Bree from The Brunettes) was a viral You Tube hit and here’s to New Zealand for creating these arty oddballs.

If you are looking for an electronic escapee from a fairy tale after innocently eating the brains of Mary Timony and Kevin Ayers with a Wyatt sauce and Barrett sides and a smile, then you’re  in the right place. Bizarre warm and witty, real life lyrics that might amuse you or confuse you but one look in her eyes and she’ll have you for breakfast.

As follow up to her first album, Lil’ Golden Book (2011), watch out for, The Great Cybernetic Depression (2014).

Go here for another interpretation of And I Love Her:



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