2/1/15 – Darius – 1969/ Darius 2 – 1967 – 1971

Album Of The Day

DariusDarius aka Robert J. Ott was a mysterious figure that made a self-titled album in 1969 on Chartmaker records out of LA. Totally obscure and yet likeable if you imagine a folky Psychedelic Elvis. Information is sketchy but Shades Of Blue might be a welcome addition to your record collection from this passionate and talented singer – the last note of the song is tremendous.

Darius ll seems to be a ‘found’ album of unreleased songs and a little research tells me there was another project in the eighties called The Earthlings but he seems to have dropped off the map until a German label World Of Sound rediscovered him in 2002. That’s about all I know except that one website suggested that he had a car accident in 1974 and that’s what may have hindered his progress – sadly he died of cancer in 2006. Alas no one noticed him then and unfortunately no-one has noticed him since – now’s your chance.

The music is available here from World In Sound directly:




Shades Of Blue



I’m the Man

Darius ll


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