28/1/15 – Ian Skelly – Cut From A Star – 2012

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Ian Skelly And Serpent Power PicThe Coral have been quiet as a band since they released Butterfly House in 2010. Unreleased material appeared at the end of 2014 with the eerie and poetic, The Curse Of Love but although there has been no new material from the band, the last five years has been productive for individual members.

The Skelly brothers formed their own label Skeleton Key records initially releasing two albums. Contradictory information isn’t allowing me to confidently get the chronology right, but Coral singer, James Skelly released an album called, Love Undercover in 2013. Coral drummer, Ian Skelly released Cut From A Star in 2012 (and then again in 2013?). They formed bands to promote their releases – James Skelly And The Intenders and Ian Skelly And The Serpent Power.

The Curse Of Love was also released under the Skeleton Key banner and keeping it in the family, new band, Sundowners includes more Skelly clan, brother Alfie and sister Fiona, their debut album will be out on Skeleton Key in March. Coral keyboard player Nick Power, bassist Paul Duffy and guitarist Lee Southall also have side projects that I am still trying to track down at time of writing.

The Serpent Power’s line up is a friends and family affair featuring Ian Skelly on vocals and guitar, Danny Murphy on lead guitar, James Skelly on rhythm guitar, Paul Duffy on bass and vocals, Nick Power on keyboards, Phill Murphy on drums and Fiona and Niamh from Sundowners on backing vocals.

Album tracklisting:

1. Cut from a Star
2. Paper Sky
3. Opus Dawn
4. Firebird
5. Nickel and a Dime
6. D.N.A.
7. I See You
8. Time
9. Caterpillar
10. I Call Her Name
11. It’s Only Love

Go here to see Sundowners post and clips:


So feast your eyes on this impressive musical family and watch out for more interesting releases through their Skeleton Key Records in the future.

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