31/1/15 – The Mothers Of Invention – King Kong – Colour Me Pop TV Show, London – 1968

the mothers of invention 1968In 1968, back home in the USA, the freaks were struggling with the changing times. Issues such as race, emancipation of women and the waging of futile wars in Asia were prominent in the media. And it wasn’t just America that was trying to catch up with those pesky upheavals, by 1968, the establishment had now officially been challenged everywhere in the west and it took the carefree courage of the young to question morality and the values of the day.

In this clip we see the normal people from 1968 on a trip to London. Zappa was 28 at this time, intelligent, outspoken, and part of an entourage of people that were being creative, making music and challenging their peers with their highly skilled musicianship and complex composition ideas, digging deeper than trends as they adapted open minded attitudes to the antiquated viewpoints of their forefathers.

Although we are grateful for a level of security, infra structure, school, trains, buses, clean water, it’s more about a healthy future for the mind to rationalise, empathise, explore, extrapolate and realise that just because a lot of people have the same opinion – it isn’t necessarily right. When you realise how people viewed, race, being gay, women – and men with long hair, you may be grateful to these brainiacs that laid down a future for us to expand our own thoughts and allow individuals to follow their own path without fear.

The Mothers Of Invention released an album version of this track on the Uncle Meat album in 1969. The video features: Frank Zappa on guitar, Art Tripp and Jimmy Carl Black on drums, Roy Estrada on bass, Don Preston on keyboards, Ian Underwood and Bunk Gardner on saxophones  and Motorhead Sherwood on tambourine and sax.

Jimmy Carl Black died in 2008, Motorhead Sherwood died in 2011, Frank Zappa died in 1993 but the legend lives on.