10/2/15 – Feathers/David Bowie – /Sell Me A Coat/ Ching – A – Ling/Letter To Hermione – 1968/1969

DAVID-BOWIE-AND-FEATHERS--016In response to Ricky’s comment on the last post about Lesley Duncan, Ricky mentioned Hermione and John Hutchinson, well here’s Feathers, Hermione Farthingale, John Hutchinson and David Bowie singing Sell Me A Coat and Ching-A-Ling. Plus an early version of Letter To Hermione, a song that would appear on Space Oddity in 1969. I imagine the track might come from the Mercury records demo tape that Ricky was referring to when he was talking about Lesley Duncan’s Love Song. Note: The  Love Song version on the tape was sung by Hutchinson not Bowie).

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