15/4/15 – All Flowers In Time Bend Toward The Sun – Elizabeth Fraser And Jeff Buckley – Unreleased/Unfinished Demo – Jeff Buckley Documentary – Everybody Here Wants You – 2002

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Jeff Bucley And Elizabeth Fraser PicI can’t exactly pinpoint when All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun was recorded, the information is a little scarce, but there is apparently a bootleg where this track appears called, Soundtrack Exclusives & Rarities. It seems that Fraser and Buckley developed a very close relationship during the time they spent together, in awe of each other’s talents. Fraser discusses their relationship in this BBC documentary from 2002.

From Robin Guthrie and Liz Fraser’s interpretation of  Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett’s, Song To The Siren to Liz Fraser and Jeff Buckley working together, it couldn’t really be more perfect. The tragic loss of Jeff Buckley at the age of 30 meant we never got to hear all those amazing records we know he would have made, by himself and as a collaborator. Although this song isn’t quite realised, it was a taster for something special in the future – a future that never came.





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