19/4/15 – Yann Tiersen – Kala (Featuring Elizabeth Fraser) – 2005

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Yann Tiersen - Kala - Cover Art - 2005A continuing look at some of Elizabeth Fraser’s collaborations takes us to Brittany and the  French Michel Oldfield, Yann Tiersen. Fraser contributes her uncanny made up language to Tiersen’s soundtrack and leaves us where she always does – in awe. Tiersen is most famous for his music to the French cute blockbuster Amelie. The movie soundtrack collected tracks from his first four solo albums. Kala appears on Tiersen’s fifth studio album, Le Retrouvailles and continues the tradition of moody instrumentals but also includes guest vocalists, Fraser, Jane Birkin, Stuart Staples from Tindersticks, Breton singer Christophe Miossec and French singer Dominique Ané.

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