27/4/15 – Record Store Day – Sly And The Family Stone – Live At The Fillmore East – 1968 (Record Store Day) / Henry Rollins – Major Labels Are Screwing Up Record Store Day

UnknownOne of the gems from this year’s Record Store Day was unreleased performances by Sly And The Family Stone, Live At The Fillmore East on October 4th & 5th 1968. This double, coloured vinyl, 45RPM, Best of the sets, is a taster from an upcoming 4CD set by Epic/Legacy released on July 14th.

Ok so it’s a novelty item for Record Store Day but it makes one curious as to what else they have buried down there under the rusting, discarded filing cabinets, dead A&R Men and forgotten projects. If there’s just enough people at the major labels to care enough or have the knowledge to dig out crucial lost performances by both legendary and unknown artists.

Go here for Henry Rollins’ article in the LA weekly on why major labels are “screwing up Record Store Day”.


RSD Vinyl Track List:

Side 1: M’Lady, Life, Are You Ready
Side 2: Won’t Be Long, Color Me True, We Love All (Freedom)
Side 3: Dance To The Music, Music Lover
Side 4: Love City, Medley: Turn Me Loose/I Can’t Turn You Loose/Country Jam

4 CD Set Track List:

CD 1 (October 4th, early show)
1. “Are You Ready”
2. “Color Me True”
3. “Won’t Be Long”
4. “We Love All (Freedom)”
5. MEDLEY: “Turn Me Loose” / “I Can’t Turn You Loose”
6. “Chicken”
7. “Love City”

CD 2 (October 4th, late show)
1. “M’ Lady”
2. “Don’t Burn Baby”
3. “Color Me True”
4. “Won’t Be Long”
5. “St. James Infirmary”
6. MEDLEY: “Turn Me Loose” / “I Can’t Turn You Loose”
7. “Are You Ready”
8. “Dance To The Music”
9. “Music Lover”
10. MEDLEY: “Life” / Music Lover”

CD 3 (October 5th, early show)
1. “Life”
2. “Color Me True”
3. “Won’t Be Long”
4. “Are You Ready”
5. “Dance To The Music”
6. “Music Lover”
7. “M’ Lady”

CD 4 (October 5th, late show)
1. “M’ Lady”
2. “Life”
3. “Are You Ready”
4. “Won’t Be Long”
5. “Color Me True”
6. “Dance To The Music”
7. “Music Lover”
8. “Love City”
9. MEDLEY: “Turn Me Loose” / “I Can’t Turn You Loose”
10. “The Riffs”