5/4/15 – The Grays – Very Best Years – 1994

The GraysGroovacious Platters In Store Keizer Oregon 1994Jason Falkner, Jon Brion, Buddy Judge and Dan McCarroll made Ro Sham Bo, The Grays’ first album in 1994 after Falkner had left Jellyfish and Jon Brion had produced Aimee Mann’s Whatever album in 1993. (This is approximately when I met them as I had co-written one of the songs on the Aimee Mann album with Aimee and Jules Shear). The band consisted of three different singer/songwriters (Falkner, Brion and Judge) and drummer McCarroll – an American Teenage Fanclub.

The Grays Ro Sham Bo Cover Art 1994Talented singers, songwriters, producers, Falkner’s Very Best Years is the opening track on their one and only album. Influenced by The Beatles and Badfinger with an edgy guitar sound and a Pop sensibility, the album is overflowing with catchy melodies, strong harmonies and impressive musicianship but like Jellyfish, they were unable to dent the perceived Pop consciousness of the time despite their individual and collective skills.