8/4/15 – Tal Bachman – She’s So High – 1999

Tal Bachman picA few perfect Pop tunes this week – and some were even hits, this is one of them. Just because a song sounds like a hit doesn’t mean it will be, instantly memorable, summery songs like this can also be trite and disposable, like you never want to hear it again. Although it worked for Stock Aitken Waterman, their tunes were like that (oh God not that again!) but somewhere out there, there was a large audience that wanted it. (They had 100 hits in the UK Top 40 in the eighties and nineties). With Power Pop bands it doesn’t seem so easy despite the catchy hooks and singalong choruses.

Tal Bachman’s She’s so High was an exception, reaching No.3 in Canada and No.14 in the US charts. The song won multiple awards but condemned him to one hit wonder status forever. You’ve probably guessed that he is the son of Randy Bachman from Bachman-Turner Overdrive. They had many hits, perhaps their most famous being You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet a No.1 single in Canada, Germany and the US.

She’s So High appeared on Tal Bachman’s self titled debut album and he didn’t make another album for five years releasing Staring At The Sun in 1994. A single, Aeroplane from that album made No.20 in the Canadian charts. Then it all gets a little weird, Bachman was a committed mormon but decided that the whole thing was a fraud and left the faith. He has a bachelor degree in political science and these days is something of a political commentator and writes for various periodicals – he never made another record.