17/5/15 – Ange – Au-delà du délire – 1974

Ange Au-Dele Là Du Délire 74Fighting the battle for Jazz or for Prog is like selling Veganism at a baseball game. Selling French Prog is like selling marinated tofu at a Rodeo. The fact that the third Ange album, Au-delà du délire (Beyond The Delerium) isn’t just Progressif, mais aussi peut-être un petit peu – theatrical, well that’s just suicide! Like selling sesame seed bars covered in carob (mmm) at a Bullfight. It also has a narration, and that is like decaf at the Italian Grand Prix and a concept – and that’s like Quorn in Texas.

So I can imagine that unless a French sixty year old male Prog head from the seventies is surfing the net (Ha Ha, even that sounds unlikely and ridiculous). I will pretty much be writing this and posting this just for myself for the archive and for France, so misunderstood by the English when it comes to Rock music.

Do your best to listen and if you find yourself in a pub, try not to ask for herbal tea.