8/5/15 – The Isley Brothers – That Lady – 1973

The Isley Brothers 1973A style of music mostly ignored by anyone who thinks they don’t like the genre perceived as Romantic Soul, but lurking in there, hidden in full view, not at all out of context and perhaps unexpectedly to those that dismissed this music as sappy schmaltz, is Ernie Isley’s Rock/Soul guitar heroics – as if it wasn’t enough with Ronald Isley’s beautiful voice. This song appeared on their album 3+3, named after the three vocalists, Ronald, Rudolph and O’Kelly and the three instrumentalist in the band Ernie (guitar), Marvin (bass) and Chris Jasper (piano) as they had become full members. (Jasper’s sister Elaine married Rudolph). The song was originally recorded in the sixties as Who’s That Lady but this reworking of it in the seventies featuring Santana/Hendrix style guitar solos, perfectly capture the concept of older vocalist Isley’s and younger instrumentalist Isley’s coming together as one.

In conclusion to my Psychedelic Soul set, initially inspired by Hendrix’s black and white Psychedelic Rock, you may not know that before Hey Joe was released in December 1966, Hendrix played guitar with The Isley Brothers from 1964-1965.

Thank you to all the artists that released their records in this magical era of mutual inspiration and cross genre and cultural influence and awareness from 1968-1973 – Betty Davis, Baby Huey, Marvin Gaye, The Undisputed Truth, The Temptations, Johnny Thunder, The Chambers Brothers, Black Merda, Sly And The Family Stone, Funkadelic, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Fugi and Diana Ross And The Supremes and of course Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong.