9/5/15 – Hairy Chapter – Can’t Get Through – 1971

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Hairy Chapter Can't Get Through - Cover Art - 1971

The absurdly named Hairy Chapter released what was essentially their third and final album, Can’t Get Through on the Bacillus label in 1971. Their first album was released under the name Chaparall Electric Sound Inc in 1969 and called Electric Sound For Dancing, their second, Eyes completed the name change and was released in 1970. (The conversations they must have had to arrive at this new name).

Without just repeating Julian Cope’s review of the album (go to link below) and from what I can figure out from the German Wikipedia, the band members were Harry Titlbach on guitar, Rudolf Oldenburg on bass, Rudi Haubold on drums (replaced by Werner Faus for this album) and Harry Unte on vocals – it was produced by studio wizard Dieter Dierks.

It sounds like an ancient giant, clad in thick leather criss-crossing straps made from the bridles of the devil’s horses, lined with fur from dead extinct creatures, has roamed the streets of Bonn slicing the tops off buildings, pouring treacle into the drains and pushing mountains across the German countryside till they fall into the sea. The guitar tones are so thick that you could break your teeth if you opened your mouth near the speakers.

It’s one of the great lost albums of the era, mixing Blues Rock and a beautiful noise with Kraut Rock and strange misty cults that float above the fields in the early dew-soaked mornings. When you think what was happening in all the freaky German cities at the time, the German underground scene of the day was the place to be to experience small happenings with gigantic consequences.

Love this album and it has just been reissued so you no longer have to pay 2,000 dollars for a vinyl copy – it’s in the store waiting for you now!






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