1/6/15 – Cartoone – Ice Cream Dreams – 1969

Song Of The Day

Cartoone album cover 1969Cartoone are well known with collectors of anything by Led Zeppelin as Jimmy Page as session man features on several tracks. Hailing from Scotland, they were the first band signed to Atlantic records in the US and toured the US supporting Led Zeppelin in 1969. The line up had Derek Creigan on lead vocals and bass guitar, Mike Allison on guitar and vocals, Mo Trowers on rhythm guitar and vocals and Charlie Coffils on drums and vocals.

Alex Harvey’s younger brother, Les had joined the band in 1969 and accompanied them on their US support tour, he contributed to tracks on the second album, Reflections but Atlantic refused to release it and dropped the band. The record still remains unreleased to this day.

Ice Cream Dreams is a taster for a band you may not know from an era when bands had that dreamy Psychedelic Pop sound even when they weren’t particularly trying to be that sort of band. Did the bands dictate to the era or did the era dictate to the bands? A single Penny For the Sun was released from the album and you can listen on Spotify or You Tube as an original copy may cost you more than your kids Cartoon Network subscription.

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