11/7/15 – Junk – Paul McCartney – 1970

McCartney Pic with kid 1970Originally considered for The White Album and then Abbey Road, Junk finally found a home on Paul McCartney’s first album as The Beatles were breaking up. A selection of simple homemade songs with McCartney playing all the instruments, it’s the unfussy release of a musical notebook with simple poignant observations of  places, feelings and moods – a bedroom album written in a quiet domestic bliss, probably made to distance himself from the turmoil that surrounded The Beatles at that time.

The album shows that wonderful ability to find inspiration, a song or a lyric in the local high street, whilst pondering your breakfast or digging deep into your inner self for the clues to your next creation. Or removing yourself from where you are to another place on a journey of the imagination. (This song was apparently written in 1968 in India although you’d never know it). It’s a skill that all the best songwriters possess and although the album was poorly received when it was released, it’s warmth and underplaying of The Beatles legend is what makes it great.

The picture taken by Linda McCartney is of Paul and 7 year old Heather, Linda’s daughter from her first marriage.

Motor cars, handle bars
Bicycles for two
Broken hearted jubilee

Parachutes, army boots
Sleeping bags for two
Sentimental jamboree

Buy! Buy!
Says the sign in the shop window
Why? Why?
Says the junk in the yard

Da, da, ya, da, da, da
Da, da, da
Da, da, ya, da, da
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da

Candle sticks, building bricks
Something old and new
Memories for you and me

Buy! Buy!
Says the sign in the shop window
Why? Why?
Says the junk in the yard