12/7/15 – Badfinger – Come And Get It – 1969

Badfinger Coame And Get It Us sleeveAny fan of Badfinger knows that their story is one of the most tragic in the history of popular music. But that’s for another time, this is about Paul McCartney and some of the songs he wrote for others.

Come And Get It was written and produced by McCartney and recorded by this fledgling Apple act and released as the title song for the 1969 film The Magic Christian that starred Peter Sellers And Ringo. Allegedly he told them it had to be exactly like the demo because “that was the hit” – hear for yourself, the demo is included below. It was indeed a big hit for the band reaching No.4 in the UK and No.7 in the US.

The single cover ( I presume) is from the US and shows the band as a three piece (Pete ham, Tom Evans and Mike Gibbins) in reality Badfinger are a four piece band, it’s the transition between Ron Griffiths leaving and Joey Molland joining.

McCartney wasn’t just writing hits for The Beatles, he was writing them for other acts too. I recently wrote about Mary Hopkin and the McCartney penned Goodbye.



McCartney has always been a prolific songwriter and in those days they were pouring out of him at an incredible rate, so many songs and not enough space on the records – imagine how George felt being in a band with Lennon and McCartney? That lack of space probably explains why George’s post Beatles masterpiece, All Things Must Pass is such an amazing album – but that’s another story too.

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