13/7/15 – Peter and Gordon – A World Without Love – 1964

Peter And Gordon 1964

The debut single by Peter And Gordon was written by Paul McCartney when he was a wee lad and not ever recorded by The Beatles. Apparently the first line “Please lock me away” was a source of great mirth for the band. McCartney dated Peter’s sister Jane Asher for 5 years in the early sixties and after Billy J. Kramer turned the song down offered it to Peter And Gordon as they got themselves a record deal – the song became a transatlantic No.1 single.

McCartney went onto write further hits for Peter And Gordon, including Woman under the pseudonym of Bernard Webb to see if he could still have a hit without using his real name. I wonder how Peter And Gordon reacted to the news of his experiment?

Peter Asher went on to be a record producer of some renown. Gordon Waller died of a heart attack in 2009 – he was 64.