15/7/15 – PJ Proby – That Means A Lot – 1965 / The Beatles – That Means A Lot – 1965

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PJ Proby 1965Originally written for the the film, Help, The Beatles decided that the song didn’t work, dropped it and gave it to PJ Proby. Interestingly, Lennon told Playboy magazine in 1980 that McCartney wrote it and that it was blatant attempt to rewrite Ticket To Ride. A recorded version by The Beatles wasn’t released till Anthology 2 came out in 1996.

So what is there to say about PJ Proby? Texan enigma and one of the great singers from the era, marginalised due to controversial wardrobe malfunctions and remembered more for that then his incredible voice. To write about PJ Proby himself, his songs, his rise and fall might take weeks/months/years to complete but this weeks posts are about Paul McCartney and the songs he gave away, written alone or with John Lennon.

The announcer highlights the coup of having an original Beatles song to perform at the height of Beatlemania, although he isn’t quite getting the story straight – details, details, details. Proby took That Mean’s A Lot into the UK Top 30 in 1965.







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