16/7/15 – The Fourmost – Hello Little Girl – 1963 / I’m In Love – 1963

Hello Little Girl The Fourmost 7 inchHello Little Girl was an early Lennon and McCartney song released by Liverpool beat group The Fourmost in 1963.  The record label has the credit as McCartney – Lennon when their songwriting credits are generally better known in reverse and ironically it seems that in this case, it was Lennon that actually wrote it in 1957.

The Fourmost were managed by Brian Epstein and so had access to The Beatles and Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting, plus like The Beatles they were produced by George Martin and famously had the “Liverpool’ sound – Merseybeat. Although they are now mostly forgotten, at one point they were a hit making success on the pulse of the ‘happening’ sound of the day – The Fourmost took Hello Little Girl to No.9 in the UK charts.

They followed up their success with another Lennon And McCartney song, I’m in Love that reached No.17 in the charts. It didn’t last and after several hits (including their biggest hit A Little Loving written by composer/singer Russ Alquist reaching No.6) they made their last recording in 1969 before becoming part of the lucrative seventies cabaret circuit. Tragedy had hit the band early with their rhythm guitarist, Mike Millward dying of leukaemia in 1966. Lead singer and lead guitarist Brian O’Hara committed suicide in 1999.