29/7/15 – Anekdoten – Until All The Ghosts Are Gone – 2015 / Live – Burg Herzberg Festival – Germany – 30/7/15

Anekdoten Until All The Ghosts Are Gone - 2015

Tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 9. 10. am, I will be on a flight from Stockholm To Frankfurt where close by I will be playing my debut gig with the moody, Swedish, dark symphonic masters, Anekdoten. Washes of ancient mellotron, trembling bass, levitating melodies and intricate guitar parts and riffs to have your ribs shift in your chest, (the band will be on stage at 1am). In this bewitching hour we will twist and turn our way through musical labyrinths, exposing secret pathways to heaven, unlocking doors to hell and dreaming moods so deep and transfixing that all the world’s Yogis will momentarily cease to communicate with the spirits – all attention will be here at the Burg Herzberg Festival in Germany, Thurday 30th July. (See link for more details.)


In the meantime here’s a You Tube link to the new album, Until All The Ghosts Are Gone. With rave reviews and 2nd vinyl pressing about to sell out, watch this space for more gig announcements as the band will be touring in far away places in November. But for now, see you in Germany and see you back here on the blog next week when I return. Love to all and sorry for the hyperbole in advance. x