6/7/15 – Hawkwind – Levitation – 1980


Hawkwind 1980Not my favourite incarnation of Hawkwind but an interesting one none the less. One simply could not imagine that this line up would feature the ubiquitous legend that is Ginger Baker. In some ways Space Rock never sounded so down to earth and yet Baker’s way of playing the toms suits the band to a tee.

The other members of this middle period line-up are Huw Lloyd-Langton on lead guitar, Harvey Bainbridge on bass, Tim Blake on keyboards, Ginger Baker on drums and mainstay Dave Brock on vocals and guitar. Lloyd -Langton had played on the very first Hawkwind album from 1970 and returned for Levitation. Although it seems some internal problems concerning Lloyd-Langton led Baker to leave. Lloyd-Langton died in 2012.

The Hawkwind story is along and complicated one and these Space Rock innovators manage some magical moments on their seventies albums – but that’s something for the future.