14/9/15 – The Pretty Things – Singapore Silk Torpedo – Live On The Old Grey Whistle Test – 1974

The Pretty Things 1974 PicThe Pretty Things in the seventies, a contemporary Glam, post sixties, pre Punk, Rolling Stones meet Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roll with rings, long hair and featuring the man once known as having the longest hair ever, Phil may on vocals. A brother act in controversy with the Stones with their youthful sixties antics and featuring early Stones member Dick Taylor in their ranks.

By now Taylor had gone and the line up had shed and recruited anew with Pete Tolson on lead guitar, Skip Alan on drums, Jack Green on bass, I guess that’s Jon Povey and Gordon John Edwards on keys and rhythm guitar. Signed to Led Zeppelin’s label Swansong and managed by Peter Grant, it’s hard to tie them into an era or a genre but they were essentially a sixties beat group with an imagination, courting Psychedelia and arguably writing the first Rock Opera in SF Sorrow in 1968 and admirably moving through the decades with their spirit intact. Although they had collapsed by the eighties when nobody seemed to care too much about them, they all went off in different directions and remerged at the end of the nineties and have continued to make their presence felt with new younger members balanced out with the inimitable Dick Taylor returning to the fold.

I saw them live in recent years and played at the same festival as them in Germany with Anekdoten in July. I loved their energy and they are definitely worth seeing if you get the chance. Their catalogue of albums are well worth investigating spanning from the mid-sixties till now. They recently released a new album with the remarkable title –  The Sweet Pretty Things Are in Bed Now Of Course.