1/9/15 – Caterwaul – The Sheeps A Wolf – 1989 / Good For You – 1990

Caterwaul BandCaterwaul were a late eighties Indie band from Phoenix, Arizona, a scratchier Siouxsie And The Banshees with something of Death Cult in their sound. They were certainly influenced by English Post-Punk’s, desolate razor guitar – John McGeoch and Billy Duffy were probably often on guitarist Mark Schafer’s turntable. Betsy Martin’s distinctive voice was a gothic Chrissie Amphlett. Kevin Pinnt played insistent drums with Fred Cross on the bass.

I came to them late, buying their final album with the original line-up, Portent Hue, when it was released in 1990. They had a minor hit on the alternative chart with, The Sheep’s A Wolf from the Pin And Web album released in 1989. Fred Marsh left after Portent Hue and although they made one more album the band broke up with the final album remaining unreleased till 1996.

Mostly forgotten, one wonders what happens when talented musicians like Schafer and Martin disappear into the mists of obscurity.