2/9/15 – Catatonia – Mulder And Scully – 1997

Catatonia picSeduced by her accent, Cerys Matthews’ overt Welshness throughout Catatonia’s output was never more perfect than here in Mulder And Scully, the second single from their hit album, International Velvet released in 1998. The song reached No.3 on the UK chart and for a time Catatonia were furiously releasing singles and albums, touring and filming videos.

Catatonia made four well received albums between 1996 and 2001, Way Beyond Blue 1996, International Velvet 1998, Equally Cursed And Blessed 1999 and Paper, Scissors, Stone in 2001 – then it all stopped. All of the albums have their unique brand of Welsh Pop with Matthews’ distinctive voice and are packed with catchy songs and poignant lyrics.

Breaking up with her ex-partner and songwriting partner, guitarist Mark Roberts meant the magic of Catatomnia had gone. Cerys carried on with the album Cockahoop in 2003 and Never Say Goodbye in 2006, initially following less of a Pop direction. In 2007 she released the mini LP, Awyren = Aeroplane. In 2009 she released, Paid Edrych I Lawr /Don’t Look Down) as a Welsh and English version of her latest album, the English only Moon Songs EP was also released around the same time.

I lost touch with her music after her second solo album but Wikipedia also lists these album releases:

Tir (Rainbow City Recordings – 2010)
Explorer (Rainbow City Recordings – 2011)
Baby It’s Cold Outside (Rainbow City Recordings ? 2012)
Hullabaloo (Rainbow City Recordings – 2013)
A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs (Marvels of the Universe – 2014)

Mark Roberts and Paul Jones (Jones played bass) went on to form Sherbert Antlers and then Y Ffyrc (The Forks). Before they were in Catatonia they had been in Y Cyrff (Y Ffyrc is an anagram of Y Cyrff).

Cerys has become something of a media personality in later years, presenting Radio shows and working with the BBC, writing columns for the Guardian and being in involved in cultural happenings. She’s what we used to call “a one off” and you just gotta love her.