4/9/15 – Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic – 1991

Catherine Wheel PicReleased in 1991 from their debut album, Ferment, Black Metallic is one of the most memorable songs by the pride of Great Yarmouth, Catherine Wheel. Singer, guitarist, Rob Dickinson, guitarist Brian Futter, bassist Dave Hawes, and drummer Neil Sims were essentially Shoegazers that could write songs, incorportaing feedback and tunes, fuzzy loud then eerily quiet, they successfully ticked all the Post-Grunge boxes with their dynamics and melody completing the sonic tricks of the day. From humble beginnings on the sleepy side of England, they eventually found themselves more popular in America than the Norfolk Broads.

They lasted about ten years making five albums in the last decade of the last century – Ferment (1992) Chrome (1993) Happy Days (1995) Adam And Eve (1997) and Wishville (2000). In 2005 Dickinson released a solo album,  Fresh Wine For The Horses ( I played a solo on the track Oceans) and that was that.

Dickinson’s heart lies in his company Singer Vehicle Designs, renovating vintage Porsche 911’s in Southern California – when he sings “Your Skin is Black Metallic” he’s not singing about you.