14/10/15 – El Ritual – El Ritual – 1971/ American Woman – 1972

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El Ritual with make upEl Ritual fall somewhere between Blue Oyster Cult, Golden Earring, Black Sabbath, Love, Santana, The Moody Blues and a sixties party invaded by rogue Folk forest dwellers.

They were not scared of flutes, Satan, riffing, drum solos or long hair and makeup. I can’t find much about them in English but they may have come from Tijuana and had two versions of their debut LP with changed track listings and different cover art. One presumes that this meant they got to release their album in America.

I also discovered a video of them performing American Woman in the film Bikinis Y Rock from 1972 (see clip below). Unfortunately that’s about it – except here is the music for you to listen to.
El Riual Coer Art 1 - 1971

El Ritual cover art 2 - 1971



Frankie Barreño – Vocals/Guitar/Flute
Gonzalo Chalo Hernández – Bass
Abelardo Lalo Barceló – Drums and Vocals
Martín Mayo – Keys

0:00 – Easy Woman (Prostitute).
3:13 – La Tierra de que te Hable.
6:23 – Bajo el Sol y Frente a Dios.
10:48 – Intro. 12:02 – Satanás.
18:51 – Peregrinación Satánica.
23:08 – Conspiración.
29:43 – Groupie.
33:38 – Muerto e ido.
38:00 – Tabú.


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