21/11/15 – David Bowie – Blackstar – 2015

Song Of The Day

Black Star 432pxFor all the effort that went into this ten minute visual, after seeing it once, I felt like I didn’t ever need to see it again – not because it was bad, or too long but because I just want to listen to the music. I feel like I can’t hear the music properly with all these images taking up the space in my head – I want to hear Bowie’s voice, hear the lyrics and after unavoidably dissecting it like a musician, I want to appreciate it and enjoy it as a fan, as a music lover, I want to hear Bowie’s latest musical ideas.

Bowie’s image has played a massive part in his career, in his success but what I love about him is Low, Hunky Dory, Five Years, Changes, Heroes, Space Oddity, Width Of A Circle, Ashes To Ashes etc etc. I want to hear his voice, that evolved expressive instrument that is so unmistakably him and although his constant image change was fun for us all (and surely for him too), it’s what he has produced as a musical artist that matters most – to me.

So, as we have to wait a little longer for the Blackstar album (January 8th 2016) I suggest you listen to this track with the screen black because you definitely need to hear the song many more times than you need to see the video. If you are a series addict then this song is also used on The Last Panthers in the opening credits. Close your eyes and enjoy.




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