24/11/15 – Marissa Nadler – Was It A Dream – 2014

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Marissa-Nadler-2014” I hate music these days, things were so much better before”. Well if you think so…personally I can’t keep up with the amount of worthy records by newer artists. Here’s another one – Massachusetts’ native Marissa Nadler. What is difficult to understand is that I only found out about her the other day, stumbling across her on You Tube whilst looking for somebody else. Then I discovered that her latest album, July released in 2014 is her sixth! Then there’s six other albums of demos, covers and assorted oddities. How is it possible that her music has eluded me with such a prolific output between 2004-2014?

Studio albums

2004: Ballads of Living and Dying (Eclipse Records)
2005: The Saga of Mayflower May (Eclipse Records)
2007: Songs III: Bird on the Water (Kemado Records)
2009: Little Hells (Kemado Records)
2011: Marissa Nadler (Box of Cedar Records)
2014: July (Sacred Bones Records/Bella Union)


2012: The Sister (Box of Cedar Records)
2014: Before July: Demos and Unreleased Songs (Box of Cedar Records)

Self-released albums

2005: Four-Track Recordings, Outtakes
2007: Ivy and the Clovers
2010: Little Hells: Acoustic Demos
2010: Various Covers Over the Years
2011: Covers Volume II
2012: S/T Demos

I wasn’t surprised to discover she was signed to Bella Union as she fits perfectly into their roster. It’s difficult to choose a track to post here, I have chosen the Was It A Dream from her last album, but there’s so many great tracks on this album it was hard to pick one out. I’m looking forward to investigating her further although with so many talented new artists, so many forgotten artists from the past and so many classic albums already released I’ll need to live for a thousand years – do they do coffins with speakers?



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