19/12/15 – Nadine Shah – Fast Food – 2015 – Fool / Stealing Cars – 2015

Nadine Shah- Fast Food -2015 Cover ArtI wrote about Nadine Shah two years ago this month on the release of her excellent debut album, Love Your Dum And Mad (2013). If I tell you that her  father is from Pakistan and her mother’s roots are Norwegian but she comes from South Shields in the north east, that alone should pique your curiosity – but then there’s her voice – PJ Harvey meets Siouxise. I won’t tell the history again as it is all here in this link:


Since the last post, she has released another album, Fast Food (April 2015) and her intense songs and dark warbles continue. In Nothing Else To Do her accent escapes from her street and disappears into the microphone unraveling on the tape and giving her persona a whole new dimension under the brass. Odd sounds appear throughout the record and you can’t really make out the band’s natural instrumentation. Piano’s appear, guitar lines and underground rhythms with warm bass and organic drums, mixed with found sounds, delays and soft sirens announcing drama.

This album takes a few listens but its style typified in Fool is infectious like multiplying shadows. Nadine Shah might be the dark side of Laura Marling with a deeper voice in a black coat, swapping greenery for smoke.