6/12/15 – Scott Weiland – October 27 – 1967 – December 3 – 2015 / Stone Temple Pilots – Plush – 1994 / Velvet Revolver – Slither – 2004 / The Wildabouts – Modzilla – 2015/ Interview

Scott Weiland Pic

Deathwish, decadent playboy taking it too far, addict that badly needed help or just one fun loving hedonist dying with a smile on his face. Whatever it was, you got the feeling that like Alice In Chain’s Layne Staley, the story could only end one way.

Weiland floated in and out of his two most famous bands, initially with brothers Dean and Robert De Leo and drummer Eric Kretz in Stone Temple Pilots making five albums in a decade between 1992 and 2001 and later making two albums with Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum from Guns N’ Roses and guitarist Dave Kushner in Velvet Revolver. Weiland seemed to change his image from the early nineties association with bands like Pearl Jam, his voice initially compared to Eddie Vedder’s deep sincere pleading, but as he changed bands he lost that affectation as he embraced more of a traditional Rock direction. Weiland also made 4 solo albums and most recently one album, Blaster, with The Wildabouts.

Drugs, prison and no doubt antics to strain any relationship, it was a difficult journey for everyone around him, with bands either replacing him (Stone Temple Pilots) or attempting to replace him (Velvet Revolver) as their lead vocalist. Diagnosed as bipolar he found out at the age of 48 that he wasn’t indestuctible and died just before he went on stage with the Wildabouts in Minnesota on December 3rd. RIP Scott Weiland, condolences to those that loved him, friends and family.