12/1/16 – Daughter – Doing The Right Thing/ Numbers – Videos – 2015

Daughter Pic 2015New bands rise from the ashes of popular music history all the time. Some of them become Nirvana, others like Metro, disappear from sight despite Bowie covering one of their songs on his best selling album. So it’s intriguing to see what the future holds, especially if you don’t follow all the normal clichés that litter the road to stardom.

Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith are all examples of successful artists that have blazed their own path and having recorded many albums are considered art icons. So who’s next for a long career of groundbreaking records and a future that will look back on a meaniful history. And with so many female artists or female fronted bands, I wonder if one of this list will mean something in say 2050? FKA Twigs? Grimes? Nadine Shah? Savages? Wolf Alice?

Daughter are an interesting three piece from three different countries based in England – Elena Tonra singer, Irish/Italian, born in England – vocals, guitar, bass, Igor Haefeli born in Switzerland – guitar, bass  and Remi Aguilella, born in France – drums, percussion. They are about to release their second album this week on 4AD coincidentally called, Not to Disappear. At the end of last year they released two songs with accompanying videos, Do The Right Thing and Numbers. The videos express sombre interactions of dementia and chance as they elect characters that represent life’s toil to accomany their rather arty music. Open thoughtful arrangements and powerful dynamic passages that take you with them on their haunting trip through Tonra’s emotional lyrics.

These days any kind of longevity seems like a miracle especially with your vision intact. If the future is going to mean anything, then the new groups have to realise their musicals truths if only to become another generations future heroes.