17/1/16 – Steven Wilson – Routine – Animated Video By Jess Cope – 2015

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steven-wilson-y-el-video-de-routineIn 2015 Steven Wilson released his fourth solo album, Hand. Cannot. Erase., leaving Porcupine Tree behind and relegating that band to a future side project. It makes me weep for ex-Japan keyboard player Richard Barbieri, bassist Colin Edwin and drummer Gavin Harrison as Wilson made the decision to move away from his main band, hire different musicians and play similar music. Wilson releases a new solo album 4 1/2 on the 22nd January. It will feature his new band, the usual suspects – Nick Beggs on bass, Guthrie Govan on guitar, Adam Holzman on piano and Marco Minnemann on drums, plus guests.

Looking back to Hand. Cannot. Erase., we have seen Wilson’s hands on approach to all aspects of his creative output and in the medium of video he has taken a great interest in the animation of Jess Cope. She has worked with Wilson on two songs from his previous album – Drive Home and the title track The Raven Refused To Sing as well as Drag Ropes by Storm Corrosion, a collaboration between Wilson and Opeth singer Mikael Åkerfeldt.

Steven Wilson contacted Cope with a concept for the track Routine from Hand. Cannot. Erase., a nine minute track from the album that featured Israeli singer Ninet Tayeb. The song deals with the loss of family, something that the video hammers home with a headline stating, “Father and two sons killed in school shooting”. It also deals with the pain and coming to terms with the loss and rising out of the ashes of a destroyed life. Jess Cope and her team do a magnificent job with this art form, make sure you go to her Owl House Studios website to enjoy her other work.





What do I do with all the children’s clothes
such tiny things that still smell of them
And the footprints in the hallway
onto my knees scrub them away

And how to be of use make the tea and the soup
All of their favorites throw them away
And all their schoolbooks and the running shoes
Washing and cleaning the dirty still sink

Routine keeps me in line
Helps me pass the time
Concentrate my mind
Helps me to sleep

And keep making beds and keep the cat fed
Open the Windows let the air in
And keep the house clean and keep the routine
Paintings they make still stuck to the fridge

Keep cleaning keep ironing
Cooking their meals on the stainless steel hob
Keep washing keep scrubbing
Long until the dark comes to bruise the sky
Deep in the debt to night

Routine keeps me in line
Helps me pass the time
Helps me to sleep

Routine keeps me in line
Helps me pass the time
Helps me to sleep

The most beautiful morning forever
Like the ones from far off, far off away
With the hum of the bees in the jasmine sway
Don’t ever let go
Try to let go
Don’t ever let go
Try to let go
Don’t ever……

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