28/1/16 – Antony And The Johnsons – Bird Gerhl – 2005

Antony Hegarty - Pic

Death stalks our friends and our heroes but for each one you take away we will defy you with our living human beauty

The mask of sorrow hangs only till the twilight as we rejoice in the memory of our loved ones, ever preserved in our minds, their company felt eternally in our hearts

Each new breath sends the shivers of immortality against you, we are one and can never be erased

We pass on our legacy, we repeat it for posterity, we sing out loud the songs of history

Leave us be, don’t believe it is you that takes us, we leave willingly for the new blood’s inspiration

We wish and we dream, we love and we depart, we cry and we recover and quaff openly with fate

We don’t scare or complain, we battle on against adversity, we recognise evil as abhorrent even when we are the protagonists

Begging forgiveness on a bed of nails, revenge is meted out to no avail as you curse our mettle

We slide like swans into the stream and wave slowly at wisdom’s triumphs

In the end, our Earth swallowed by space, drops into the infinite black

A vacuum cloud of dust, preservation and a new exploding star