10/2/16 – Okay-Kaya – Clenched Teeth / Damn Gravity/ I’m Stupid (But I love You) – Videos – 2015/ Soundcloud Mix Vol 1 – 2015 – Keep On Pushin’/ Durer – 2016

Okay Kaya B:W picFrom yesterdays post of Norway in 1967 to today’s post of Norway now. Okay-Kaya is so new that she there isn’t much info about her yet. Here’s what I know: Her brother was in a Black Metal band and taught her how to play songs by Satyricon, it obviously didn’t ‘t rub off on her, unless her sparse moody love songs are inspired by silence as an antidote to noise.

She likes ballet, put up home recordings of her songs on Soundcloud last year (including a Curtis Mayfield/Impressions cover) and found herself working with XL recordings in house producer Rodaidh McDonald, living in New York and doing videos walking around Shibuya in Tokyo. Two more tracks have appeared most recently on Soundcloud, a rerecording of Keep On Pushin’ and Durer (sung in Norwegian). Her first effort is called Mix Vol 1, that includes different songs and early versions of rerecorded tracks that capture that special atmosphere that she possess in her magical Scandinavian bones.

This is beautiful minimalist, restrained and an artist to watch out for in the future on a much anticipated debut album. At this point there is no information about future plans but she has been playing live. If you missed her tonight in Manchester don’t miss her tomorrow in London at St. Pancras Old Church…please!