5/2/16 – Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck – 1990

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Iceblink-Luck-by-Cocteau-Twins_MOOKejeZargx_fullIceblink Luck was the most commercial sounding track that the Cocteau Twins ever released even receiving airplay and scraping into the UK Top 40 at No.38, showing that they could be accessible and still be good. Iceblink Luck was an uplifting piece, happy even. You could make out words instead of just sounds and the melodies were beautiful, Liz Fraser’s voice – the queen of all angels through eternity.

In the video Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde appear in colour, fixed in the now, whilst Liz Fraser seems to exist in another time, like a ghost from a black and white movie. The lost wife of a spitfire pilot appearing in the chaos of searchlights and flak, a vision of madness as he wreaks revenge on the murderers of his lover lost in a bombing raid in the blitz, tears stream from his eyes as she sings to him from heaven.

Iceblink Luck appeared on the album Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990) and was the last album for 4AD before signing to Fontana for their last two albums as a band, Four Calendar Cafe (1993) and Milk And Kisses (1996). Since the Cocteau Twins broke up Guthrie has collaborated on many different projects, formed Violet Indiana and made five solo albums. Simon Raymonde is the force behind the record label Bella Union and in 2014 formed the band Snowbird. Liz Fraser has also collaborated on many different projects, appearing on Massive Attack’s Mezzanine (1998) singing the classic Teardrop.

We are still waiting for her solo album….







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