26/2/16 – Lnzndrf – 2016 / Future You – Video – 2016

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Lnzndrf - album cover - 2016The Lanzendorf Experiment is a collaboration between Scott Devendorf and Bryan Devendorf, bass player and drummer from American Indie band The National and Ben Lanz, brass player from Indie/World music band Beirut (Lanz has switched to guitar). It’s unashamedly a Motorik tribute and if you were listening to Neu or La Dusseldorf in the seventies like I was, it’s both strange and welcome that this kind of music has finally managed to get the attention of the under thirty nine year olds and might inspire hip young ears to investigate CAN, Agitation Free, Amon Düül 2 and various other aspects of the inspired German scene of the era.

To review the album I can only say, it’s definitely a worthy exercise executed by musicians that obviously love the genre, but investigate the past too, because you should hear what originally happened forty five years ago.



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