23/2/16 – Eivør – Hounds Of Love – 2010

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Eivør Pálsdóttir is a Faroese singer/songwriter that crosses genre borders with her eclectic influences and her outstanding voice. You are probably geographically aware that the Faroe Islands are situated east of Norway, north-west of Great Britian and south of Iceland in the Norwegian sea and like Greenland belong to Denmark. This isolation and the Nordic connection, along with the world-shrinking accessibility to media, internet, television, movies and music has nurtured an open-minded Eivør to incorporate Folk, Jazz , Rock and Pop music as well as classical influences into her love of traditional Faroese folk songs. She was originally educated as a classical singer and sings with the Faroese symphony orchestra.

Eivør has made a dozen albums and is sitting somewhere in the wilderness as you read this, soaking up the mood of the islands along with contemporary innovators like Kate Bush as she seamlessly creates a unique sound that will make you wonder why you haven’t heard of her before. (Thanks to Mati Vargas for turning me on to her striking music and incredible voice).



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