27/2/16 – Nina Hagen – Ziggy Stardust – Swedish Television – September 1980

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Nina Hagen colour pic 1980There’s been a lot of heartfelt tributes since David Bowie’s unexpected death in January and most recently some high profile performances on the television, initiating mixed reactions to their relevance and quality.

In 1980 as Bowie was releasing Scary Monsters, Nina Hagen was appearing on Swedish television with a memorable tribute of her own. It’s unclear what prompted her performance of Ziggy Stardust because at the time Hagen was between albums – Unbehagen (1979) and NunSexMonkRock (1982)  both albums included only original material. Whether she was on tour and this was a song from her live set or she was simply singing a song she liked in her own inimitable way isn’t really in need of decryption. Still, one wonders what the world might have thought if this had been the performance on The Gammy Awards or The Pits?



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