29/2/16 – Massive Attack/ Young Fathers – Voodoo In My Blood – 2016

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Rosamund Pike: Massive Attack - 2016Massive Attack release the second video from their latest Ritual Spirit EP, starring the remarkable Rosamund Pike and directed by Wingan Ledwidge. The track is a collaboration with Edinburgh based, Mercury Music Prize winners from 2014, Young Fathers and is accompanied by a rather disturbing urban, sci-fi video that evokes violence with sound effects, modern dislocated dance, mind control and even some mild erotica because you know – it’s not real. In fact it’s as sexy as The Avengers or Doctor Who and could almost be from an older episode of the latter series with no budget, uniquely English acting and tons of imagination. Whilst being totally unnerving its fiction leaves you unworried because it’s just so seventies – it’s Purdy, out of control, it’s clowns with machine guns, cunning adversaries and its colour palette and location traps you in intense hopelessness until you turn off the TV and put the kettle on. It’s brilliantly switch on and switch off  designer, cushion biting momentary fright and intrigue – till the biscuits arrive.

Unlike most videos, the music became a background for the visuals, it was an art film, a German thriller, a French rendez-vous, a Czech revolution, a Russian clampdown – an invasion. The character could have been the prime minister or a spy, a reporter, a racing car driver, the head of a fashion house, the director of Mercedes-Benz marketing department. It’s a mesmerising, shocking, absorbing experience that leaves you wondering what happened, till next weeks episode after yoga.

My last post asked you not to look at the videos till you’d heard the music, this post I insist that you do the exact opposite.






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